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Radiation Protection Products manufactures a full line of radiation shielding materials, nuclear shielding and industrial lead products. Our inventory includes lead lined doors, lead lined drywall (also known as lead lined sheetrock or lead lined gypsum wallboard) and lead lined plywood, leaded x-ray safety glass, leaded glass, lead lined door frames, lead lined view window frames, and many other lead shielding and industrial lead products.  Click here for submittals or request a quote today! Contact RPP for more information.

Radiation Shielded Walls Radiation Shielded Windows

Neutron Doors (radiation shielded vault doors)

Radiation Shielded Doors Industrial Lead Products

Radiation Shielded Walls

Radiation Protection Products offers lead lined plywood, lead lined drywall (lead lined sheetrock), lead bricks, and lead angles. We have everything you need to construct complete radiation shielding walls. RPP can also provide installation services for radiation protection walls at your facility.

Radiation Shielded Windows

RPP manufactures complete lead windows, including the leaded x-ray glass and lead lined frames. We also offer all components separately, as well as mobile glass x-ray barriers. We can also provide complete installation of your custom-built radiation shielding windows.

Neutron Doors

We manufacture and install customized radiation shielding vault doors for gamma knife, proton therapy, and other radiation protection requirements. Your neutron door(s) will be built to match your size and style specifications and to provide the level of radiation protection you need.

Radiation Shielded Doors

RPP provides lead lined wood doors and lead lined door frames, and can provide radiation shielding doors that are custom-built to your unique specifications. Our proven techniques enable us to deliver the highest quality, most reliable radiation protection doors available.

Industrial Lead Products

Radiation Protection Products manufactures industrial lead products for radiation shielding construction projects. We offer it all: lead ballasts, lead bricks, lead weights, lead storage containers and tanks, lead flashing, lead plate, lead pigs, and sheet lead, as well as custom lead castings, lead fabrications, and lead machining.


Featured Projects

Varian Medical Systems (New Test Cells)

Palo Alto, CA

Graham Engineering (Bi-Parting Lead

Shielded Hangar doors for Industrial X-ray)

Batavia, NY

Accuray Test Cells

Madison, WI


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