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Radiation Protection Industry Guidelines


All wood doors shall meet or exceed the ANSI/NWMA Industry Standard I.S.I.-80, I.S.I.4-80, NCRP Report #49.


Sheet Lead shall meet or exceed the Federal Specification QQL-201 F Grade C and ASTM B749-03 Standard Specification for Lead and Lead Alloy Strip, Sheet, and Plate Products, see NCRP reports #33, #35 and #49.


Cassette Transfer Cabinets shall meet or exceed MIL-C-3673 (DM).


Gypsum Board shall meet or exceed ASTM C1396, ASTM C840, and Federal Specification SS-L-30D Grade X TYPE III.


Plywood shall meet or exceed ASTM D5516, ASTM D5564, ASTM E-84.


Leaded Glass shall meet or exceed Federal Specification DD-G-451.


The steel used for our products shall meet or exceed ASTM A526 (Galvanneal), ASTM A366 (Cold Rolled Steel), HMMA 861-00 for commercial hollow metal doors and frames.

Radiation Protection Products manufactures all lead shielding products in accordance with Lead Industries Hand Book and all NCRP Applicable Reports (#33, #35, #39, #40, and #49), and NBS, HB. #114.

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