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CAD Drawings for Lead Shielding Products

Radiation Protection Products offers complete, downloadable CAD drawings of our radiation shielding products. PDF and DWG formats are available. Click on underlined product names for quick, popup views of these CAD files.

Our CAD drawings will give you a better idea of our products' specifications and make it easier to find the right radiation shielding solution for your unique application. Once you've found the product you need, request a quote or contact us to place your order.

Lead Lined Drywall, Lead Angles & Joint Details
Click Name for Details Download PDF Download DWG
Corner Intersection PDF DWG
Outside Corner PDF DWG
Joint Detail PDF DWG
Inside Corner PDF DWG
Wall Detail (Plan View) PDF DWG
Lead Angle System PDF DWG
Partition PDF

Lead Lined Hollow Metal Door Frames
Click Name for Details Download PDF Download DWG
Lead Lined Jamb Detail PDF DWG
Lead Lined Jamb Detail with Angle PDF  
Interlocking Lead Brick Detail
Click Name for Details Download PDF Download DWG
Interlocking Lead Bricks PDF DWG
Lead Lined Hollow Metal View Window Frames
Click Name for Details Download PDF Download DWG
Steel Telescopic Frame Detail PDF DWG

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