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Lead Lined Windows

Lead windows consist of leaded glass and lead lined frames that are then fitted into shielded drywall to provide protection from radiation while allowing a clear view. Shielded windows prevent exposure to harmful radiation by stopping x-rays and gamma rays and are commonly used for medical, scientific, industrial and nuclear applications.

The radiation shielding requirements for lead widows can vary depending on the type of radiation, radiation exposure time, and distance from the radiation source. These factors, which are measured by a licensed radiation physicist, are then used to determine the required thickness of the lead paned windows.

Shielded windows are used by various industries and for a range of radiation protection applications. Radiation windows are primarily used to create a safe viewing area in imaging facilities and therapy rooms that utilize x-ray, CT Scan, Gamma Knife, Proton Therapy, radiology, fluoroscopy, and other radiation producing medical procedures. Lead paned windows are also used by the nuclear industry for applications such as storage rooms and testing facilities involving nuclear energy.

Shielded Windows for Effective Radiation Shielding

Radiation Protection Products' lead lined windows provide full radiation protection and excellent visibility. We offer a variety of complete lead windows for x-ray or radiation therapy rooms, laboratories, testing facilities, and other applications. We also provide design assistance, as needed, to help you create the ideal lead window solution for your unique needs.

We offer lead windows come complete with lead lined glass or laminated lead glass and lead lined window frames. Both varieties of leaded glass provide outstanding visual clarity and light transmission, providing effective radiation shielding while allowing technicians and operators to observe x-rays and other imaging procedures. Our lead glass creates little to no visual distortion. We offer two types of lead lined window frames to accommodate a variety of applications and our lead windows are easy to install in most locations. Please see our leaded glass and lead window frame pages for additional information.

Lead Paned Window Sizing and Specifications

Radiation Protection Products' lead windows are available in a range of standard sizes ranging from 8” x 10” to 108” x 54", with various leaded glass thicknesses available. The accompanying lead lined frames are manufactured based on the lead window thickness and wall thickness to ensure a perfect fit. We also offer laminated leaded glass for our lead windows that consists of leaded x-ray glass laminated to a piece of clear float.

Our lead paned windows feature high lead and barium content to give optimum shielding against radiation generated by equipment operating in the range of 100-300 kV. Our leaded windows can also be laminated to meet safety requirements and we offer liquid filled lead windows and composite windows comprised of glass block and liquids.

All Radiation Protection Products shielded windows meet or exceed Federal Specification DD-G-451 and are manufactured in accordance with Lead Industries Handbook and all NCRP Applicable Reports.

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Radiation Protection Products offers custom-manufactured lead windows to match your exact size requirements. We can provide custom windows in nearly any size and offer the largest single-pane lead windows on the market (108" x 54"). Custom sizes are quoted upon request.

For complete radiation protection, contact Radiation Protection Products or request a quote.