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Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine

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Proper application of radiation shielding in nuclear medicine is essential to ensure the protection and safety for both patients and technicians. Nuclear shielding is especially important for technicians who operate imaging equipment, and are subjected to repeated exposure. Of all shielding options, lead shielding offers the most effective radiation protection at increased cost-effectiveness. Lead shielding provides the most space-savings and the greatest amount of shielding to meet your nuclear medicine shielding needs and all radiation protection requirements.

Nuclear medicine shielding can be customized for each application and environment. With more than 50 years of experience, we have the expertise you need to protect personnel and patients.

Lead Lined Drywall & Lead Lined Plywood — Used in the construction of laboratory and exam room walls, floors and ceilings.

Lead Bricks — Interlocking, tongue and grooved lead bricks.

Lead Angles — Designed to be easy to install and provide leak-proof nuclear shielding wherever there are cut-outs or penetrations.

Leaded X-Ray Glass — Leaded glass for leaded windows or vision panels in X-ray applications.

Laminated Leaded Glass — 1/16" leaded x-ray glass laminated to a piece of clear float to help meet state specifications requiring both safety properties and lead properties.

Lead Lined Window Frames - Can be manufactured to accept any thickness of leaded x-ray glass or leaded acrylic.

Lead Lined Doors — Wood doors are made with single layer of metal sheet lead in the center of the door. Wood cores are laminated under hydraulic pressure on each side of the lead.

Lead Lined Door Frames — consist of 16-gauge steel, a 2" face, and a 5-7/8" jamb depth.

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