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Nuclear Medicine Radiation Shielding

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Proper radiation shielding in nuclear medicine is essential to ensure the protection and safety of patients undergoing treatment and technicians subjected to repeated exposure. The best way to ensure total radiation protection that keeps pace with the exponential growth in the industry is to work with an expert team who can design, manufacture, and install a custom nuclear medicine radiation shielding system.

Radiation Protection Products is here to help. We customize nuclear medicine shielding to your application and environment. With more than 50 years of experience, we have the expertise you need to protect personnel and patients. Contact us to learn more.

Custom Radiation Protection Products for Radioactive Medicine Shielding

Of all shielding options, lead offers the most effective radiation protection while keeping costs low and taking up minimal space. Radiation Protection Products manufactures most of our lead products in-house at our USA facility using only the purest lead available on the market. No refining takes place, making us one of the industry's cleanest and most environmentally friendly radiation protection providers.

As we handle all radiation shielding services ourselves, we provide fast turnarounds, immediate shipping, and efficient designs as a part of our turnkey solutions for radioactive medicine shielding. Call 1-888-746-4777 today to discuss your requirements.

Radioactive Medicine Shielding Walls & Other Lead Construction Products

Nuclear medicine facilities must have floor-to-ceiling protection to adequately shield workers, patients, and other people within the area. Radiation shielding products for construction are the ideal solution. An RPP representative will work with you to understand your specifications, and your best products may include:

  • Lead-Lined Drywall & Lead-Lined Plywood—Used in the construction of laboratory and exam room walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • Lead Bricks—Available in multiple designs to fit your specifications, including interlocking, tongue, and grooved.
  • Lead Angles—Designed to be easy to install and provide leak-proof nuclear medicine shielding wherever there are cut-outs or penetrations.
  • Lead Pigs (also called Lead Ingots)—Used as vial shields and for other applications in nuclear medicine shielding and are multi-purpose construction products used throughout radiation protection systems.
  • Lead Plate—Used as a multi-purpose shielding material against gamma rays and x-rays and can double as a sound barrier.

Neutron Shielding Doors for Nuclear Imaging Shielding

If your process involves neutron radiation, such as in neutron radiography or certain radiation therapies, neutron shielding doors will be your best option. Using a combination of pure lead and borated polyethylene, our neutron protection doors are designed to match your facility and are available in swinging or sliding configurations.

Lead-Lined Doors for Nuclear Medicine Shielding

Radioactive medicine shielding lead-lined doors provide excellent radiation protection while controlling access to the area. Common options for nuclear medicine shielding lead doors include:

Nuclear Imaging Shielding Lead Glass & Lead-Lined Windows

Lead glass for radioactive medicine shielding allows you to maintain visibility in an area without the risk of exposure to harmful radiation. As no two facilities have the same setup, requirement, or layout, we offer a variety of custom lead-lined window frames, windows, and lead glass options to match your needs:

  • Radiation Shielded Windows—Can be custom-shaped for many applications, including observation windows and tabletop shields.
  • Leaded X-Ray Glass—Leaded glass for windows or vision panels in radioactive medicine shielding systems.
  • Laminated Leaded Glass—1/16” leaded x-ray glass laminated to a piece of clear float to help meet state specifications requiring both safety and lead properties.
  • Lead-Lined Window Frames—Can be manufactured to accept any thickness of leaded x-ray glass or leaded acrylic.

Contact Radiation Protection Products for Custom Nuclear Medicine Shielding

Lead shielding from Radiation Protection Products saves space and provides the most significant shielding to meet your nuclear medicine shielding and radiation protection requirements. From initial quotes through installation and beyond, our team works closely with you to ensure you receive the protection, functionality, and services you need to complete your critical nuclear imaging and radioactive medicine work with minimal exposure risk.

Whether you’re in the initial planning stages or are looking to break ground as soon as possible, RPP is here to support you. Contact us or request a quote to get started.