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Sliding Neutron Doors for Radiation Shielding

radiation shielding door

Heavy-duty sliding neutron doors are custom-manufactured radiation shielding solutions for industrial, medical, or laboratory facilities that use neutron radiation. Extremely heavy and constructed to your specifications, sliding neutron doors are ideal for areas with space restrictions or that require radiation protection to withstand extended and repeated use.

RPP is here to help. Our team works as an extension of your business as we design custom sliding neutron doors and other shielding construction materials that match your specifications. Contact us today to learn how we can support your unique operations through USA-made products, turnkey services, and uncompromising support.

Radiation Protection Door Constructions & Configurations

RPP’s sliding radiation shielding doors are constructed with 1/4” thick A-36 steel face plates. A-36 steel flat bars are used for the stiles and the reinforcement inside the door. Flat bar thicknesses for the stiles and reinforcement are dictated by the door’s core. The core of the door will consist of shielding materials (typically lead and borated polyethylene) as determined by a licensed physicist.

We design the door with extra space inside for future upgrades requiring additional neutron shielding. The neutron door finish is completed in the factory with a paint-grade primer. We offer a variety of other safety features for your radiation shielding door, including:

We also offer swinging neutron doors if a sliding radiation protection door is not your best solution.

Sliding Neutron Door Installation Considerations

I-Beams are used in conjunction with trolleys that suspend the door. For new construction, concrete embedments are used for support. For retrofits, steel beams and steel columns are used. To discuss your sliding neutron door installation, current facility setup, or other considerations, call 1-888-746-4777 to speak with an expert representative.

Industrial Uses for Radiation Shielding Doors

Sliding neutron doors provide comprehensive radiation shielding for a variety of industrial uses. RPP is prepared to engineer radiation shielding doors for:

Oversized Sliding Neutron Doors for a Medical Manufacturer

Varian Medical Systems, a leading radiation therapy equipment manufacturer, required complete radiation protection at their Palo Alto facility. RPP worked with the facility’s space limitations to meet Varian’s strict requirements, including designing, manufacturing, and installing massive 42,000 lbs. sliding neutron doors.

Learn more about how we met their specifications for high-use, high-performance sliding neutron doors.

Turnkey Radiation Shielding & Installation Services for Your Operations

RPP is your full-service partner for establishing radiation shielding systems, including sliding neutron doors. Our expert physicists and structural engineers keep communications open and services stress-free, from providing fast turnarounds on initial quotes to completing on-site installation of all neutron doors and other construction materials. We also offer remote support to local teams to ensure your system is installed quickly and accurately.

Contact us to learn more about how we can serve you through high-quality radiation shielding. Request a quote to receive estimates and information specific to your order.