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Lead Sheets and Panels

Commonly used in medical projects, x-ray rooms, and many other applications, sheet lead for radiation shielding can be built into walls, doors, and frames to protect medical personnel from harmful radiation. Radiation Protection Products is here to help you design, engineer, and install a comprehensive radiation shielding system. Our lead sheets can be easily bent, shaped, and formed to meet your specifications.

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View our lead sheet submittals and CAD details for further information regarding available specifications and thicknesses. Contact us or request a quote to learn more about our capabilities. An engineering expert will be in touch within one business day.

Lead Sheets


Pure Lead Sheets for Radiation Shielding

Radiation Protection Products uses only the purest lead for our sheeting. No refining takes place at our facility, allowing us to be one of the industry’s cleanest, most environmentally friendly radiation shielding providers. We only offer the highest quality lead sheet available.

We offer a wide range of lead sheet, with thicknesses available from 1/32” to 1”. Extremely versatile and easy to work with, lead sheet can be added or built into a variety of other shielding construction products to create complete radiation protection. It can also stop radiation leakage from cut-outs and penetrations in lead-lined walls.


Normal Sizes and Weights for Lead Panels

Note: the weights given apply to common lead only. Other types of lead, such as antimonial or hard lead, weigh slightly less for a given thickness. Call 888-746-4777 for assistance determining the best weight and thickness for your radiation shielding application. Always work with a licensed radiation health physicist to determine the exact needs of your facility.

Normal Sheet Lead Sizes and Weights*

Chart of standard sheet lead sizes and weights

*The weights given apply to common lead only.
Other types of lead, such an antimonial or hard
lead, weigh slightly less for a given thickness.

Lead-Lined Panels for X-Ray Rooms & Other Industries

Lead sheet for x-ray rooms and other applications is very effective for waterproofing, soundproofing, and isolating or dampening mechanical vibration. It is highly resistant to environmental and chemical corrosion and can be used in nearly any indoor or outdoor application. RPP’s decades of radiation shielding experience have prepared us to find the best lead-lined panel or other lead radiation protection product for any industry, including:

For industrial applications requiring greater structural strength, we also supply lead-lined drywall and lead-lined plywood. Achieve the same shielding protection as standalone sheets with increased stability.

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RPP is your top source for USA-made lead sheets and radiation shielding solutions. Since 1952, we have engineered American products for a worldwide market through excellent service and hands-on expertise. We can meet most industry guidelines on any order, and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

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