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Swinging Neutron Door Operator Details

radiation shielding door operator

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Radiation Shielding Door (Neutron Door)

  1. The DC drive has several features that allow us the ability to fine tune the drive characteristics, it has separated adjustments for acceleration, deceleration, travel speed, and creep speed. All of which are field adjustable after the radiation shielding door (neutron door) and operator are installed.
  2. The electric operators are power open and power closed. Conventional electric operators are power open and hydraulically controlled spring power closed. Radiation shielding applications are to demanding for conventional style electric operators.
  3. The operators are equipped with 4 sets of limit switches. Full open, full close, creep open & creep close. This allows for a creep speed feature. Meaning; when the radiation shielding door (neutron door) nears the full open and closed positions the creep limits are set to be activated. The operator is dropped into creep speed and the door is decelerated and the door moves slowly into the full open and closed positions. The advantage of this is less wear and tear on the electric operator, door and door hardware and better and more precise positioning of the door.
  4. The operators all have an electric clutch incorporated into the drive train. This allows for torque output control as well as the ability for free egress in the case of a power failure. The electric clutch is provided with an adjustable torque control. The amount of torque output can be varied to suit each specific application by simply adjusting the controller. It is not classified as a safety device but limiting the amount of torque output makes the mechanism safer. In the case a power failure or deactivation of the electric clutch, disengages the electric operator from the door allowing for the door to be opened manually. A further advantage to the electric clutch in equipment protection. If the travel of the door is impeded the clutch will slip preventing the operator drive train from damage.
  5. 5 models designed for specific radiation shielding door (neutron door) sizes and weights, 1, 2, 2.5, 3 & 4 all come with an oversized output shaft. Sizes 2.5, 3 & 4, the right angle gearboxes on these models are a hollow shaft type allowing for the output shaft to be replaced without disassembling the gearbox.
  6. The units come with an industrial rotary limit switch assembly that is rotated directly by the rotation of the output drive shaft. The gear ratio of the assembly is as low as possible making the assembly as sensitive as possible. The limits are easily adjusted and designed to be fine adjusted with a simple flat blade screw driver.
  7. The electrical controls and motor and drive train are also protected electrically with internal fusing, thermal overloads and run timers. The run timers prevent the electric operators from continuously running due to improper limit switch setting, door travel obstruction or limit switch failure.
  8. The electric operators are designed and built for continuous duty, meaning we do not limit the number of cycles per minute. The electric motor, controls and drive train are sized to run continuously. All gearboxes are filled with synthetic oil. The gearbox lubricants will never need to be replaced.
  9. The drive components are manufactured by the industry leaders, Boston Gear, Warner & Baldor. Please refer to their specific catalog cuts for more information.
  10. The electric controls are assembled in a NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with industrial wiring terminals provided to land all the field wiring. The enclosures come with a built in disconnect switch and have been bench tested with each specific electric operator, set of actuating controls and safety devices prior to shipment.
  11. Any number of safety devices can typically be included into the electrical logic.

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