Well-Seasoned on All Forms Of Radiation Shielding

Installation of Radiation Shielding Products

Radiation Protection Products, Inc. (RPP) offers turnkey solutions for various projects. We can offer design concepts, consultation, and installation services for all heavy lead shielding projects. RPP can partner with your current architect, or develop a fresh set of plans. We can offer consultation on the best design to meet your specific needs for radiation shielding materials. We have structural engineers and physicists to help complete your job with maximum efficiency.

Installation of Neutron Doors

For new construction swing vault doors, we typically send the frame out with detailed instructions for the general contractor to set the frame in poured concrete. Then, at an agreed upon date, we will travel to the job site to install the neutron door. We will coordinate shipping the materials with our arrival at the jobsite to ensure we can unload the materials and bring them to their final destination. For sliding vault doors, we will furnish and install a fully functioning door with all required safety devices. The installation will include all aspects of testing the operation of the door, testing the security features, and making any and all final adjustments to the operator. Final wiring connections must be made by the electrical sub contractor. We will leave a schematic for the electrical sub to follow. For retro fit door installations, we will install the frame and the door at an agreed upon date.

Lead Bricks & Borated Polyethylene Construction Projects for Radiation Shielding

In many cases additional shielding is required like interlocking lead bricks and/or borated polyethylene. RPP offers wall shielding, ceiling/floor shielding and duct shielding installations. We will complete the installation in a timely and professional manner. We will coordinate delivery of the products to ensure we can unload the truck and bring the materials to their final destination. Our job area is kept clean every step of the way. If possible we try to ensure all lead cutting takes place at our factory prior to installation to avoid concerns about lead dust or particles. If it is determined that we need to do cutting in the field, we make absolutely certain that all precautions are taken to ensure 100% compliance with all regulatory agencies. Our cutting tools are heavily oiled before each cut to virtually eliminate any lead dust or particles. In addition, we use plastic sheeting to enclose are work areas when necessary.

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