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Fire-Rated Windows

Radiation Protection Products is your dedicated supplier and manufacturer of custom radiation shielding components and fire-rated windows. Coated with a flame-resistant glaze, fire-rated windows are designed to prevent flames and smoke from spreading within your facility. Fire-rated glass can be installed as a part of a leaded door assembly, as transparent walls, and paired with any radiation-shielded window at risk from fire.

Specifications & Capabilities for Industrial Firelite® Windows

Our fire-rated windows paired with leaded glass deliver comprehensive fire protection and radiation shielding without compromising the clarity of the glass or disrupting sightlines. RPP strives to ensure that we provide fire-rated windows and radiation-protected construction materials that match any specification. Configurations and capabilities of our industrial Firelite glass include:

  • Fire rated from 20-90 minutes
  • 3/16” thick fire-rated glazing material
  • Paired with leaded window glass sized and manufactured to meet your specifications (Maximum dimension: 51”x99”)
  • Ability to withstand thermal shock
  • Vicker’s scale hardness of 700

Note: If pairing your fire-rated windows with industrial leaded glass, a licensed radiation health specialist must calculate all lead-shielding requirements. Firelite windows do not meet ASTM E-119 or UL 263 test standards for radiant heat protection. If you require fire-rated windows in compliance with these standards, contact us or call 888-746-4777 to discuss alternate options.

Get Started with Radiation Protection Products

Whether you’re planning a new build, updating an existing industrial structure, or adding a new addition to your facility and require fire-rated or leaded glass windows, RPP can help through on-site installation services.  Our structural engineers and physicists will work with you to complete your project on time and within budget, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Contact RPP today to learn more about our fire-rated windows paired with leaded glass, turnkey services, or other radiation shielding capabilities. Request a quote to receive information specific to your fire-rated glass project.