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Large Leaded X-Ray Glass

RPP, Inc. introduces the largest piece of leaded x-ray glass available anywhere. 108” x 54”. This new leaded x-ray glass size allows architects to create a more open design, with increased visibility, while easily complying with standard shielding requirements.

RPP Introduces the Largest Leaded X-Ray Glass Available to the Market

This new size will allow architects to achieve two objectives. Utilizing a piece of leaded x-ray glass this size, architects can offer the technician in the control room increased visibility. And with this visibility comes a more aesthetically pleasing and open design. At 108” wide, this leaded x-ray glass will easily extend beyond most standard desk widths. In addition, this leaded x-ray glass was specifically created at 54” to extend above the standard desk height of 30” and meet the typical 84” lead shielding requirement.Large X-Ray Safety Glass Dimensions