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Lead-Lined Radiation Shielded Walls

Radiation protection walls are used to guard people against the harmful effects of radiation exposure. While almost any material will provide some level of protection against gamma rays or x-rays, lead has proven to be one of the most effective shielding materials on the market, providing efficient protection in proportion to the amount of material used.

To ensure complete x-ray and radiation protection, Radiation Protection Products manufactures a full line of lead-lined radiation shielded walls and other leaded building materials made from the purest lead available on the market. Contact us to learn more, or request a quote to receive information relevant to your facility needs.

Shielding Wall Panels & Building Materials

From establishing modular shielding rooms to building radiation shielded walls, RPP has the capabilities, services, and expertise to provide radiation protection across industries:

To learn more about how our radiation shielded walls, shielding wall panels, and modular shielding rooms can improve your facility, call 1-888-746-4777. A highly trained representative will discuss your project and identify your best solutions.

Lead-Lined Plywood

RPP’s lead-lined plywood is the recommended lead shielding for radiation shielded walls that require shielding materials more than 1/8” thick. Our radiation shielding plywood features lead cladding from 1/8” to 1/2” or more, depending on your application requirements, and can be cut to fit your needs. Because of its weight, we recommend cutting your lead-lined plywood to match your on-center stud dimensions.

Lead Lined Plywood for Radiation X-ray Shielding

Lead-Lined Sheetrock

Manufactured with lead lining laminated to 1/2" or 5/8” drywall, our lead-lined sheetrock is the ideal solution for radiation shielded walls. We offer custom or standard sizes and use only Fire Code Sheetrock. Mold-resistant and impact-resistant options are also available. Please note that lead-lined sheetrock requires special installation considerations.

Lead Lined Sheetrock for Radiation X-ray Shielding

Cutouts & Penetration Shielding Solutions

To ensure continuous, leak-free lead shielding for radiation walls throughout x-ray rooms and other areas, all lead-lined plywood and lead-lined sheetrock installations require sheet lead or lead plate around all cutouts, penetrations, and seams. Any receptacles, light switches, ducts, and telephone/data cable ingresses in shielded wall systems should also be fitted with radiation shielding materials.

Cutouts & Penetration Shielding Solutions

Lead Bricks

Lead bricks are an effective way to build radiation shielded wall systems for any construction requirements. Radiation Protection Products offers standard lead bricks in all sizes, and interlocking tongue-and-groove lead bricks in a variety of standard sizes. All lead bricks and other protection products are manufactured with the purest lead available, giving you the safest and most reliable lead shielding for radiation walls.

Lead Bricks for Radiation X-ray Shielding

Lead Angles

RPP’s lead angles will save you time and money constructing your radiation and x-ray shielded wall system. Our cost-effective, leak-proof lead angles eliminate the need for lead strips and discs around screws or nails in lead-backed drywall or plywood installations. We manufacture options in all heights and to meet all lead shielding wall panel requirements.

Lead Angles for Radiation X-ray Shielding

How Modular Shielding Rooms Benefit X-Ray Rooms & Other Facilities

Constructed from lead-lined shielding wall panels, modular shielding rooms provide cost-effective, easy-to-clean, and low-maintenance radiation protection. Quickly and efficiently establish a shielded area within a rental space, existing room, or other location to conduct x-ray applications and other radiation-dependent work. We offer:

  • Turnkey services with full installation capabilities
  • Configurations and constructions built to your requirements
  • Fully removable to match demands from unalterable spaces
  • Ability to meet various ASTM, Federal, and other necessary specifications
  • And much more!

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Radiation Protection Products has everything you need for complete radiation protection, from our shielded wall panel systems to radiation shielded windows, neutron doors, and more. Request a quote or contact RPP to learn more.