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The Best Methods to Create X-Ray Imaging Radiation Protected Rooms

X-ray rooms go by many names, including radiology rooms or radiographic imaging rooms. No matter the term, these spaces are designated areas for procedures utilizing X-ray radiation, and they require high-quality radiation protection to keep patients, workers, and other individuals safe from unintended scatter. The best method to create X-ray shielding for medical facilities will depend on several factors, including available space, anticipated exposure times, and more.

X-Ray Shielding Products

Many leaded products and components are available to establish X-ray imaging radiation protection. However, the best way to achieve high-quality X-ray shielding is to work with an established radiation protection team, such as RPP. We can evaluate your space’s needs, handle installation, and provide turnkey solutions for your unique space.

From initial quotes through final delivery, we will work hard to ensure no detail is missed, all safety considerations are accounted for, and all applicable regulations are met. Contact us today to get started.

Lead Walls for X-Ray Rooms

Establishing X-ray shielding for procedure rooms begins with adequately shielded walls and construction components manufactured from pure lead. While almost any material can provide some radiation protection, lead is the most efficient, cost-effective, and high-performing option currently available on the market. Designs for lead walls for X-ray rooms can vary depending on your specifications, but could include:

X-Ray Protection Barriers

Not all medical facilities have the space for a dedicated X-ray room, and some operations require mobile capabilities. Glass X-ray barriers are the best choice for these and similair applications. Designed to provide cost-effective and moveable X-ray radiation shielding, glass X-ray barriers are built to last and provide long-lasting protection over years of usage.

Want to learn more about how mobile leaded barriers can improve your medical facility? RPP can help. Read about how we supported a medical imaging room project using high-quality X-ray barriers alongside other leaded components.

X-Ray Room Windows

Leaded glass is an ideal solution for X-ray room windows and X-ray shielding. Technicians, doctors, and other relevant medical practitioners must be able to see within the testing area to ensure the safety of the patient and efficiency of the test. Manufactured specifically for X-ray rooms and to be used in tandem with lead-lined window frames and other components, leaded X-ray glass delivers excellent clarity and light transmission to support your operations.

Leaded Doors

Along with windows, walls, and glass designed for radiation protection, lead-lined doors are critical for safe X-ray room operations. Installed in tandem with leaded door frames for comprehensive protection, radiation shielding doors are available in many sizes, styles, and configurations to match your space. Depending on your needs, you may choose:

RPP Ensures You Select the Best X-Ray Shielding for Your Operations

Since 1952, Radiation Protection Products has engineered, manufactured, and implemented highly effective X-ray shielding for an extensive range of medical facilities. Our team’s decades of industry experience are at your disposal, and we have the capabilities and resources to create custom X-ray shielding systems that match your specifications.

Contact us or request a quote to learn more about your options and begin designing your protected X-ray space.