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Industrial Uses for Radiation Shielding Doors

Many industrial facilities and applications use radiation in their day-to-day processes and require radiation protection. From medical imaging to non-destructive testing and beyond, radiation shielding doors protect your facility from dangerous radiation exposure as a part of a protection system.

What is a Radiation Protection Door?

Radiation shielded doors are doors built to contain radiation and keep it from harming workers, patients, or delicate equipment. While most doors for radiation protection are made from or lined with lead and lead products, specific applications may also incorporate borated polyethylene or other radiation shielding materials. Shielded doors are usually used with other radiation shielding products, including leaded walls, door frames, windows, and other components as a part of a comprehensive radiation protection system. Just like acoustic doors dampen sounds, fire-proof doors contain fires, and blast doors control explosions, radiation protection doors use dense materials to prevent the spread of x-rays, gamma rays, neutron radiation, and more throughout your facility.

Who Benefits from Radiation Shielding Doors?

Every application that uses radiation in a permanent facility benefits from installing radiation shielding doors. They keep areas accessible, control access, and protect against harmful radiation spillover or exposure. Always consult with a licensed radiation physicist before installing any radiation shielding at your site to ensure that all radiation shielding requirements are met.

Radiography, Medical Imaging & Diagnostic Imaging

Radiography and other medical or diagnostic imaging use x-rays and gamma rays to penetrate human or animal tissue, muscle, and more to find and diagnose possible health issues. Leaded doors for radiation protection ensure that all radiation is contained in the imaging space, protecting technicians and other patients from exposure. Common medical imaging processes improved by radiation shielding doors include:

  • Radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • Mammography
  • Dental x-rays
  • And much more!

Full radiation shielded doors may not be necessary for some medical imaging areas. Glass x-ray barriers are a mobile shielding alternative that add flexibility and versatility to any medical imaging room.

Nuclear Medicine & PET

Proper radiation protection doors for nuclear medicine are critical for the health and safety of patients, technicians, and others. Like with medical and diagnostic imaging, a comprehensive radiation shielding system is essential for successfully applying nuclear medicine, testing PET or CT scanners before distribution, and more. In general, lead is the best option for radiation shielding material in nuclear medicine.

Industrial Work & Non-Destructive Testing

Manufacturers across industries use radiation to complete non-destructive testing (NDT), and radiation shielded doors can keep engineers, workers, and others in the facility safe from harmful rays or particles. As many NDT processes and industrial facilities use neutron radiation to accomplish their applications, these spaces will require doors and systems manufactured from radiation shielding materials other than lead.

Additionally, while many industrial facilities are satisfied with standard-sized doors, some NDT applications may require specialty solutions. For example, many aerospace manufacturers or nuclear facilities require extremely large sliding doors for adequate radiation protection. An experienced and reliable radiation shielding expert, such as RPP, can help you evaluate your space and requirements to design your best solution.

RPP Provides Turnkey Radiation Protection Systems for Any Industry

Radiation Protection Products has provided safe, effective, and high-performance radiation shielding doors and systems for industrial facilities since 1952. We are constantly bringing new products to market and working to create custom solutions for our clients. All our lead products are manufactured from pure lead to deliver the best radiation protection for the lowest cost without taking up too much space in your facility. Our team is ready to work with you to match your specifications for industrial radiation protection.

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