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Radiation Shielding Applications

Radiation shielding requirements are unique to the application and environment. You need a lead products manufacturer that offers high-quality solutions and has the expertise to understand various shielding requirements. 

Radiation Protection Products is a lead product manufacturer with decades of radiation shielding experience. We only use the finest quality materials and exercise quality control. Our lead products include custom lead-lined drywall and doors, leaded windows, x-ray glass barriers, lead bricks, and other industry compliant radiation shielding products.

Working from your prints and industry specifications, we deliver the right solution for your radiation shielding project. Explore our application examples and industry case studies below to learn more!

Medical Industry

Clinics, hospitals, imaging facilities, dental offices, and other medical settings have varying radiation shielding requirements. Working with your radiation physicist, we determine the lead products required for your radiation shielding project.

A medical industry client requested an ultra-clear leaded observation window for their P.E.T./CT scan room. The glass thickness needed for effective radiation shielding presented a unique challenge. Our solution included a one-of-a-kind specialty window, along with lead bricks, lead-lined plywood, and sheet lead, to construct a scan room to their specifications. 

Medical Project Case Study: Southdale Medical Diagnostics Medical Imaging Rooms

Nuclear Medicine Industry

Nuclear medical testing presents an exceptionally high risk of radiation exposure. We manufacture and install nuclear shielding materials like leaded drywall, borated polyethylene, and heavy-duty neutron doors for new builds and retrofits.

When a client approached us requesting massive shielding doors for an electron beam/CLINAC room, we manufactured and installed 18,000 lb. and 24,000 lb. doors with control panels synced with the room’s HVAC system to regulate airflow as the doors opened and closed. No project is too complex for RPP!

Case Study: Oversized Shielding Doors for Georgia Institute of Technology

Industrial & Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing crosses various industries and applications, from testing radiation therapy equipment to using x-ray to inspect vessels and infrastructures. We have the lead products to meet your high-level radiation shielding needs, including bricks, ballast weights, casks, and lead pouring, and castings made to your specifications.

One of our success stories for non-destructive testing is the fabrication of 79 test cells for PET/CT scanners. We meet their shielding and fire safety needs by producing sheet lead and lead-lined, fire treated plywood in the sizes and thicknesses they needed.

Non-Destructive Testing Case Study: GE PET Scanner Testing Facility

Construction Industry

Whether your radiation shielding project involves renovations or new construction, we have the lead products you need. We work with contractors, subcontractors, and supply houses to provide lead-lined plywood and sheetrock, lead angles, leaded windows, x-ray glass, borated polyethylene, and other radiation shielding products in standard and custom dimensions and thickness.

RPP was proud to be part of a $16.7 million construction project for a 47,858 square foot medical clinic replacement project in Guam. We provide manufactured lead-lined sheetrock and sheet lead in various sizes to meet their radiation shielding specifications.

Construction Project Case Study: Medical/Dental Clinic Replacement

Learn More About Our Radiation Shielding Products for All Industries

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