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Oversize Shielding Doors for Georgia Institute of Technology

Job Name: Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Atlanta

Date of Completion: November 2011

 Description:Radiation shielding for Georgia tech CLINAC room

Radiation Protection Products, Inc. (RPP) worked on a project for the Georgia Institute of Technology that involved the installation of two massive shielded doors, the construction of an electron beam/CLINAC room, and the retrofitting of an existing space to create a shielded neutron generator room.

Though RPP regularly constructs huge doors of this type for radiation shielding projects, the two installed at Georgia Tech were among the largest RPP has ever built, weighing 18,000 lbs. and 24,000 lbs., respectively. One of these doors required a unique feature: when the "open" switch is activated, its control panel must communicate with the room's HVAC system to cycle the air in the room multiple times before the door opens. RPP built a special control panel with additional contact points and worked with the project's general contractor and subcontractors to ensure proper system communication and operation.

In converting the pre-existing room into a neutron generator room, Radiation Protection Products added 4.5" of lead and 4" of 5% borated polyethylene for shielding purposes. As square footage was at a premium, RPP worked with Georgia Tech physicists who would be using the room to create a solution that used as little additional space as possible.

Both the neutron generator room and the electron beam/CLINAC room required specially made, shielded doghouses to accommodate for duct and pipe penetrations in their ceilings. RPP worked in coordination with the contractors and subcontractors to ensure that these shielded doghouses did not interfere with the rooms' HVAC systems, sprinkler and water pipes, and electrical conduits.

The Georgia Institute of Technology project presented several logistic challenges, including the construction, transportation, and installation of the immense shielded doors. Radiation Protection Products delivered exceptional products and superior service to meet and exceed our client's expectations. The project was completed in November 2011.

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