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How to Shield Medical Facilities from X-Ray Scatter Radiation

X-rays are used for an extensive range of diagnostic tests in medical facilities, including identifying broken bones, discovering tumors, performing critical dental applications, and more. However, when applying X-rays to a patient, harmful scatter radiation is produced by the imaging equipment. Protecting patients, healthcare workers, and other individuals within your medical facility is essential for safe operations.

The best way to contain X-ray scatter radiation is to incorporate comprehensive lead shielding in your medical area. Lead-lined glass windows, lead-lined doors and frames, and other leaded products will keep radiation contained and lower exposure risks throughout your facility.

What Regulations Apply to X-Ray Radiation Shielding?

Which radiation protection guidelines apply to your medical X-ray radiation shielding will vary depending on your location, application parameters, and more. Federal, state, and local institutions can all impact which requirements your facility will need to meet, which could include:

  • National Council on Radiation Protection & Measurements (NCRP) regulations
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines
  • OSHA standards
  • American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) compliancy
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements
  • And others specific to your X-ray application.

Protect Your Facility from X-Ray Scatter Radiation

Compared to other types of radiation, X-rays feature strong and long wavelengths, requiring a thick and dense material for adequate protection. Pure lead is the most effective option. Offering a condensed physical footprint, accessible price point, and high atomic number, lead provides excellent protection against X-ray scatter radiation. It is also 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly choice, and is straightforward to install within barriers, walls, and more.

Lead-Lined Glass Windows

Lead-lined glass windows allow doctors and technicians to see within an X-ray room without prolonged exposure to scatter radiation. When paired with leaded frames, lead-lined glass windows provide excellent protection without compromising visibility. This radiation-shielding glass is sized to match your room’s specifications, including large options, to ensure complete protection during normal operations.

Lead-Lined Doors and Frames

Lead-lined doors and frames provide X-ray scatter radiation protection while allowing easy entry and exit to diagnostic testing areas. Built to your specifications or ready to match standard door sizes, lead-lined doors and leaded door frames are available made from wood, hollow metal, or to match your specific requirements.

In most cases, lead-lined doors and frames are the most suitable options for X-ray procedures. However, completing neutron radiography and certain radiation therapies may require neutron shielding doors constructed with lead and/or borated polyethylene. If you’re unsure which option is best for your medical facility, call 1-888-746-4777 to speak with a radiation shielding expert.

RPP Designs Systems to Shield from X-Ray Scatter

Whether you want to add scatter radiation shielding to a pre-existing space or build an entirely new medical facility, Radiation Protection Products is here to help. We use the highest quality lead available to manufacture radiation protection products tailored to your specifications, with no refining taking place at our facility. Since 1952, we have provided all our clients with the best customer service, the fastest quote turnarounds in the industry, and the most effective radiation shielding available, and we look forward to serving you and your patients.

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