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Lead Lined Hollow Metal Insulated Doors

Wood lead lined doors are suitable for most radiation shielding applications, but some installations require an alternative that provides superior durability. Lead lined hollow metal doors have an interior layer of lead sheeting that defends against harmful radiation. Their tough steel exterior provides high wear and durability for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories, and industrial applications.

Benefits of Hollow Metal Doors

Lead lined steel metal doors assemble, install, and look like standard steel metal doors but with the added benefit of radiation protection. The exterior of lead lined steel metal doors come in cold rolled steel in a range of gauges. Reinforced hinging and hardware support the door’s additional weight.

The pure lead sheeting spans the entire height of the door and extends to the edges for effective shielding. Lead thickness determines the shielding level, which is determined based on the door’s proximity to the radiation-producing equipment. A licensed medical physicist can help you calculate the lead thickness required for your application.


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Uses of Steel Metal Doors

Lead lined hollow metal doors come in standard or custom sizes and can be painted to match your building interior. Lead lined steel metal doors are used in applications involving X-Ray, PET, and CT scan equipment, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Clinics
  • Testing facilities

Custom Hollow Metal Doors from Radiation Protection Products

Radiation Protection Products is a leader in radiation shielding products, including lead lined hollow metal doors. We offer a variety of sizes and lead thicknesses to meet your application needs, as well as hardware, including hinges, locks, and latches.

In addition to lead lined hollow metal doors, we provide lead-lined door frames and window frames to fit your design requirements.

Fire ratings for lead lined steel metal doors vary. Please specify any requirements in your quote request.

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