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Lead shielding refers to the use of lead to safeguard against scatter radiation.  Lead shielding helps protect from radiation because of its high molecular density.  Effective at stopping gamma rays and x-rays, lead is used as radiation protection in applications ranging from x-ray imaging and PET rooms to nuclear reactors.

Radiation Protection Products' partnership with industry experts assures you of the finest quality materials, engineering, and installation possible.  Read our Considerations for more information on determining your lead shielding needs.

Radiation Protection Products provides you with quality lead shielding products:

x ray leaded glass barrierSkilled in medical applications requiring lead shielding, the attractive x ray leaded glass barrier shown at right was customized by Radiation Protection Products for the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond, VA, for the college's Radiography/ Tomography room.

Radiation Protection Products uses only the purest lead available for our radiation shielding products.  Absolutely no refining takes place at our facility, making us one of the cleanest, most environmentally friendly providers in the industry. 

Radiation Protection Products manufactures a full line of nuclear shielding and industrial lead shielding products.  For more information, contact Radiation Protection Products or request a quote.