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Lead Shielding Construction Materials

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Lead shielding creates ionizing radiation protection due to its high molecular density. Effective at stopping gamma rays and x-rays, lead is used as radiation protection in construction materials for applications ranging from x-ray imaging and P.E.T. rooms to nuclear reactors. Radiation Protection Products’ partnership with industry experts assures you of the finest materials, engineering, and installation possible.

Pure Lead for Effective Radiation Shielding

Radiation Protection Products manufactures a full line of nuclear shielding and industrial lead shielding construction products using pure lead. After considering your lead shielding requirements with a licensed radiation health physicist, we will find the best lead shielding solution for your industry and application.

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Benefits of Pure Lead Radiation Protection

At Radiation Protection Products, we use only the purest lead available for our radiation shielding products. As a lead-rolling mill, absolutely no refining takes place at our facility, making us one of the cleanest, most environmentally friendly providers in the industry.

The high-quality lead used in our radiation shielding products comes with many benefits and advantages when compared to other materials:

Takes up fewer square feet and costs less than other radiation shielding composites, metals, and materials

  • Density and high atomic number create effective shielding against gamma and x-ray radiation
  • One of the few metals able to be re-melted indefinitely without lessening in quality
  • Soft, malleable, and corrosion-resistant
  • Easily installed in barriers and walls or mounted on drywall and plywood
  • 100% recyclable

Pure lead is well-suited to radiation protection in most industries, including nuclear, construction, non-destructive testing, and medical applications. Compared to other composites and materials, pure lead offers superior shielding that contains radiation effectively and protects workers from exposure.

Pure Lead Radiation Protection

We provide the best lead shielding construction materials available on the market. Our high-quality lead products include:

We also provide custom lead fabrication and lead casting for airtight radiation shielding. For example, we customized an attractive x-ray leaded glass barrier for the Medical College of Virginia’s Radiography/Tomography room. To learn more about our past custom radiation shielding products and services, read about our featured products or peruse other case studies.

Why Choose Radiation Protection Products

Radiation Protection Products manufactures a full line of nuclear shielding and industrial lead shielding products. Since 1952, we have provided radiation shielding experience and high-quality products to help find the right shielding products for any application. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and having the complete industry knowledge to meet your requirements. For most standard quotes, we have a 1-hour or less turnaround time. If a take-off is required, we then provide a quote within 24-hours upon request.

Visit our FAQ page, contact us, or request a quote today to find the best solution for your application requiring ionizing radiation protection.