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Radiation Shielded Windows for Complete Protection

Radiation shielding glass is glass that contains lead content (in place of the traditional calcium content). Installed in radiation shielded walls and doors, window shielding provides protection against the radiation, X rays, gamma rays, etc. found in:

  • Laboratories
  • X ray rooms
  • and the like

Radiation shielded windows are generally used in conjunction with lead-lined window frames to provide complete protection with no gaps in the shielding, while allowing for visibility of processes being performed in the shielded room. Radiation shielding glass is available in multiple density ranges to accommodate the needs of different radiation processes.

Complete Window Shielding Solutions

Radiation Protection Products (RPP) offers a full line of radiation shielded windows and radiation shielding glass. We have the right window shielding solution for any application. Our team will work with you to select the best and most effective radiation window option for your unique needs. We also provide complete installation services to ensure that your radiation shielding glass is installed safely and correctly.

Read the full case study where we custom made a leaded glass viewing window for a medical center. You can also view our featured projects.

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Lined Radiation Shielding Options

RPP manufactures radiation shielding glass in a range of styles, and offers design assistance, estimates, installation, and more. Our line of X ray protection glass includes:

Lead Shielded Windows

Providing full radiation shielding and excellent visibility, our shielded windows are ideal for laboratories, testing facilities, radiation therapy rooms, and more. RPP’s lead windows include radiation shielding glass and lead lined frames for a safe and complete visibility solution.

Leaded X-Ray Glass

Ideal for installation in windows and doors, RPP leaded X ray protection glass offers superior visual clarity and high light transmission, with little to no distortion.

Large Leaded Shielded Windows

Radiation Protection Products offers the largest single-panel radiation shielding windows on the market today. We can provide X ray protection glass in sizes up to 108” x 54”, allowing for more open designs and greater visibility with complete radiation shielding.

Lead X-Ray Safety Glass

Impact-resistant shielded windows are required for any door lights or control room windows within 24” of a door opening. RPP’s radiation shielding glass is available in two styles to meet your needs and applicable safety codes. Both types provide excellent visibility and full radiation shielding.

Lead Lined Window Frames

Our telescopic radiation window frames are adjustable to fit wall thicknesses from 4.25” to 6” and can be built to accommodate radiation shielding glass in any thickness. Special construction options are available to meet your unique requirements.

Glass X-Ray Protection Barriers

RPP offers portable glass X ray protection barriers for mobile radiation shielding applications. Our mobile radiation shielding glass barriers are customizable to your specifications and are a cost-effective solution for a wide range of radiation protection needs.

Radiation Shielding Window Installation

Let us do the installation for you! RPP offers turnkey installation services for radiation shielding windows and other radiation shielding products. We will ensure that your radiation shielding glass is installed correctly for safety and convenience.

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Radiation Protection Products is the only resource you need for complete radiation shielding solutions. From shielded windows to radiation shielding walls to neutron doors and more, we have safe, reliable, and effective shielding options for all applications. Request a quote or contact RPP for the radiation shielding glass you need.