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Swinging Neutron Doors

radiation shielding door
radiation shielding door
radiation shielding door

RPP’s swing radiation shielding doors (neutron doors) are constructed with ¼" thick A-36 steel face plates. A-36 steel flat bars are used for the stiles and the reinforcement inside the door (See details.) Flat bar thicknesses for the stiles and reinforcement are dictated by the core of the door. The core of the door will consist of the shielding requirements (typically lead and borated polyethylene) as determined by a licensed physicist. We can also design the door with extra space inside for future upgrades which may require more shielding. The door finish is completed in the factory with a paint grade primer. RPP offers safety features for radiation shielding doors (neutron doors) such as motion sensors, pressure sensitive tape, and battery backup.

Our RPP designed frames for neutron swing door systems are constructed with ¼" thick A-36 steel. Five gussets at ¼" thick and five pieces of bent flat bar steel at ½" thick are welded to the jambs (see detail-link). This reinforcement ensures longevity for the radiation shielding door (neutron door) and prevents misalignment between each of the hinges. The gussets have a dowel system to allow the concrete to set securely to the frame when poured. This RPP designed framing system is the most durable available.

Radiation Shielding Automatic Swing Doors

RPP’s automatic openers for radiation shielding doors (neutron doors) are the most reliable and well-built in the industry. Our vendor’s vast experience of what works and what does not is based upon years of field experience. The 1502 series electric operators are specifically designed to eliminate the problems that other manufacturers have had with their designs. The units are built with the very best industrial components on the market today. Specific issues like output shaft failure, limit switch sensitivity, torque output, torque output control, operator mechanical drive protection, and door inertia control are all diminished or eliminated by design. The electric operators require a 120 VAC power source that we convert to 90 VDC. The advantage of DC is that we can better control the operation of the door operator. RPP will make final adjustments to the door but all conduit work and electrical work will be completed by others. See more details on Swinging Neutron Doors.

RPP’s radiation shielding doors (neutron doors) and door frames are customizable to meet both your new construction requirements and you retro fit requirements.

For frames set in concrete, the frames will be shipped to the jobsite with detailed specifications to be installed by an independent contractor. Retro-fit frames will be installed by RPP.

RPP Provides Installation of Lead Shielding Neutron Doors

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