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Electric Privacy Glass

Since 1952, Radiation Protection Products has been a full-service partner for any industry requiring comprehensive radiation shielding or other construction solutions. Our switchable electric privacy glass can be adjusted from total transparency to complete privacy with the push of a button, all while maintaining natural light. Flexible and versatile, privacy glass, when paired with lead-lined windows or other x-ray shielding products, gives you control over your space, allowing you to move between clear and bright windows to opaque glass without worrying about radiation exposure.

Features & Specifications for Electric Privacy Glass

Using electrical currents and an embedded layer of liquid crystal particles, electrically charged switchable privacy windows easily toggle between transparent or opaque white. Various switching options are available, including a basic single-pole switch or a complex integration into automated systems using a dry contact. Other specifications and features of our electric privacy glass include:

  • Glass sized and custom manufactured to your specifications (Maximum dimension: 54”x120”)
  • Custom glass thicknesses, starting at 5/16” with no maximum limitation
  • Leaded-glass options available for radiation shielding
  • Interior operating temperature from 0° to 35°C
  • Compliance with ASTM C 1172 Standard Specification for Laminated Architectural Safety Glass
  • Compliance with Category I and II requirements of the CPSC Federal Standard 16 CFR-1201

Note: A certified, licensed electrician should install any electrically charged privacy windows to ensure that all required building codes are met. If pairing your privacy glass with a leaded option, a licensed radiation health specialist must calculate all lead shielding requirements.


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Privacy Glass Improves Operations for Any Application

Switchable electric privacy windows are an excellent addition to any radiation protection system. Often used alongside x-ray shielding glass in the medical sector, it can also be installed in government applications, nuclear facilities, university laboratories, and more.

Privacy Glass for X-Ray Shielding & Medical Applications

While privacy is valued in many industries, it is critical to medical undertakings. To protect patient confidentiality and achieve compliance with federal HIPAA Privacy Rule Standards while establishing flexible medical workplaces, our privacy windows paired with leaded glass are excellent options for:

  • X-ray shielding privacy partitions
  • Privacy windows for CT scans, fluoroscopies, and PET imaging
  • Emergency room and ICU sliding or breakaway doors
  • Hospital room dividers or curtain walls

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