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Radiation Protection Products ensures quality by being a long-standing manufacturer of radiation shielding products for industries including nuclear medicine, power plants, and more. This Resource Center is a place to find information, specifications, and governmental guidelines about radiation shielding. Our expertise is at your disposal as you navigate your options and identify the right radiation protection system for your facility.

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Radiation Protection Specifications & Guidelines

Having access to necessary technical radiation shielding specifications, learning the requirements for different radiation, considering the demands of your unique work area, and understanding essential industry standards are all important aspects of establishing efficient and effective radiation protection. Find the radiation shielding specification resources you need to create a safe and protected lead-lined facility.

Documentation for Radiation Shielding

Preparing and assembling the correct lead shielding documentation is critical for a straightforward design and installation process. From submittals to CAD drawings, catalogs to technical brochures, we provide the documentation required to receive approval from contractors, board members, and other authorities.

Radiation Protection Resources & Information

Whether you’re looking to understand commonly used radiation protection terms, want to learn more about how to choose the best lead shielding for your operations, or are seeking answers to your most frequently asked question, RPP has the radiation protection resources to help. Browse our informational guides, blog posts, and FAQ to find answers, or call us at 1-888-746-4777 to speak with a representative directly.

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RPP is your dedicated provider for all things radiation shielding. We deliver comprehensive turnkey radiation protection systems for industrial facilities, supply unparalleled customer service and support, and ensure you have all the information and documentation you need to establish your radiation shielding efficiently and without delay.

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