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Specifications & Guidelines

Radiation Protection Products is committed to providing high-quality customer service and the best radiation shielding products available on the market. In addition to designing and building high-performance radiation shielding systems, we are your resource for radiation protection technical specs, industry standards, and guidelines. Explore our library of resources, and contact us with any questions.

Technical Specs for Radiation Protection

When designing a facility or area with radiation shielding, having the correct technical specifications is critical. The ARCAT Spec Wizard will guide you through selecting and configuring the right radiation protection products and ensure no detail is missed. You can then download your radiation protection technical specs for your project and office master.

Radiation Shielding Requirements

Different types of radiation and exposure levels require different radiation protection solutions. Length of exposure, distance from the radiation source, and the type of radiation can all impact which requirements are relevant for your facility. We offer radiation shielding products that can protect employees and sensitive machinery from:

  • Alpha radiation
  • Beta radiation
  • Gamma radiation
  • X-ray radiation
  • And other types of radiation!

Learn more about how to determine which radiation shielding requirements are relevant to your facility.

Lead Radiation Shielding Considerations

No two radiation operations are the same, and a variety of lead shielding considerations will be required to design suitable protection for your work area. The energy potential of your equipment, distance from the radiation source, orientation, and more will influence which lead-lined components are best to provide complete radiation shielding.

Industry Standards & Guidelines for Radiation Protection

All radiation protection products, components, and supplies must meet or exceed ASTM/NWMA, Federal Specifications, and other industry standards or guidelines. Our custom-manufactured radiation shielding is built to match your required radiation protection guidelines. We offer:

  • Wood and steel lead lined doors
  • Lead lined door frames and window frames
  • Leaded x-ray glass
  • Lead lined gypsum board
  • Lead lined plywood
  • Sheet lead and custom lead pieces
  • Lead lined steel and aluminum
  • Large vault door for radiation therapy rooms
  • And more!

Download our Product Specifications and Guidelines spec sheet or call 1-888-746-4777 to speak with a representative directly about which radiation shielding guidelines and industry standards are relevant to your facility.

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Since 1952, Radiation Protection Products has provided our clients with high-quality and long-lasting radiation protection systems that match your specifications and perform at optimal levels. Use our Resource Center to learn more about the requirements for your radiation shielding, and contact us for specific information about your unique project. Request a quote to begin your order.