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Lead Lined Window Frames for Radiation Shielding

Lead-lined window frames are only quoted with glass. Please use the Leaded Glass Quote form for pricing on lead glass and lead-lined frames. 

Radiation Shielding Window Frames Warning

NOTE: Don't cut frame opening until window frame is at job site!

Steel Telescopic Lead Lined Window Frames

Radiation Protection Products' standard steel telescopic lead lined window frames match our hollow metal door frames. Made from 16-gauge steel, these lead lined window frames can be manufactured to accept any thickness of leaded x-ray glass or leaded acrylic. Lead lined steel telescopic frames can be built with steel bracing for maximum strength.

The adjustable lead lined steel telescopic frames adjust to wall thicknesses of 4-1/4" to 6".


Special construction of lead lined frames available to meet your specifications (i.e. special steel reinforcement, wider wall thickness, special sizing, etc.). 

This assembly animation is for conceptual use only. We also have specific installation instructions.

Lead Lined Window Frame Ordering Specifications

  • Lead X-Ray Glass thickness
  • Wall thickness

This information is the same for all lead lined frames ordered.

Lead Window Lead Window Frame

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