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Custom Radiation Shielding Doors

Radiation Protection Products (RPP) manufactures radiation shielding doors and accompanying door frames in a variety of styles to meet your unique requirements. Custom lead lined doors built to your specs are also available.

We offer everything from design assistance to installation to give you a complete solution for your radiation shielding door application. Follow the links below for more information, request a quote on radiation doors for your facility, or contact RPP to learn more.

Lead Lined Doors & Frames

RPP offers lead lined doors in standard and custom styles to meet the needs of any radiation shielding application. Top quality materials and proven manufacturing techniques ensure reliable radiation protection and durability. Whatever your requirements may be, we have the radiation shielded lead doors you need. 

Wood Lead Lined Doors

Our wood lead lined doors are the strongest and most functional products of their type available today. They’re built with a single layer of sheet lead in the center, with wood cores laminated to each side under hydraulic pressure. X-ray glass windows and other options are available to meet your needs.

Lead Lined Door Frames

Manufactured from 16-gauge steel and adjustable to accommodate up to 1/2” thick lead lining, our lead lined door frames are easy to install and provide dependable radiation protection. Standard and custom options are available to provide a perfect fit for your location.

Custom Lead Lined Doors

For special applications, RPP offers custom radiation shielding doors. Our custom radiation doors include everything you need: the door itself (built to match your specifications), lead lined door frame, hinges, lock/latch set, and all the necessary accessories. Single and double custom radiation doors are available.

Read more about a project we completed for the US Department of Energy where we created an oversized radiation shielding sliding vault door or view our featured projects.  

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