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Lead Angles for Radiation Protection


Construction of radiation shielding rooms and barriers poses unique challenges. Every time a screw or nail is used, there is an increased risk of radiation leakage into the protected area. Radiation can also leak out of seams between pieces of plywood, cutouts for air ducts and outlet boxes. Previous solutions included the use of additional lead strips and discs, making the project costlier and more time consuming. Illustrations of One Piece Leak-proof System used with lead lined gypsum board.

Lead angles for radiation protection are made from high density lead and are highly effective at defending against x-rays, gamma rays and other harmful forms of radiation. They are a reliable and cost-effective alternative to lead strips and discs for covering seams and penetrations in lead lined drywall that can be a source of radiation leakage.

To stop radiation leakage, angles for lead lined drywall are attached to steel structural studs located at joints and penetrations along the backside of a wall, and at the inner or outer corner studs of two adjoining walls. Lead angles are also used for lining outlet boxes, wall ducts and other cutouts.  

Lead structural angles are highly versatile and easy to install. View the CAD drawing files for additional specifications for lead angles and other radiation shielding products or contact us to learn more about using lead angles for radiation protection.

Lead Angles Provide Improved Radiation Shielding

No more lead strips and discs needed for shielding construction.

RPP designed a cost effective, leak-proof, lead angle system that provides complete radiation shielding. It eliminates the need to use lead strips and discs. Our Leak-Proof lead angles are available in all lead requirements and all heights to meet a range of radiation shielding requirements.

When selecting your extruded lead angle, it is important to make sure the lead angle thickness is equal to the thickness of the lead sheet on your lead lined plywood or drywall. The angle height of your lead angles should also be equal to the height of your lead lined drywall.

Learn More About Lead Angles and Other Radiation Protection Solutions

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For more information about lead angles for radiation protections, contact Radiation Protection Products or request a quote. We also provide installation services for heavy lead shielding projects.