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Borated Polyethylene Neutron Shielding

Borated polyethylene is a product typically used in the medical field to shield neutrons. Made from high density polyethylene plastic with 5% boron content by weight, this material provides exceptional durability over a wide temperature range. Borated polyethylene is available from Radiation Protection Products in standard-sized sheets (48" x 96" x 1"), as well as in blocks, slabs, and custom-size sheets. 

borated polyethylene uses

Borated polyethylene is easy to work with, fabricate, and install, making it ideal for a wide range of shielding applications, such as high intensity x-ray rooms, medical vaults and vault doors, nuclear energy or storage facilities, particle accelerators, hot cells, and more.

Popular Applications:

  • Nuclear Reactors
  • US Nuclear Warships
  • Personnel and Cargo Detection Devices
  • Medical Vaults
  • Doors for Linear Accelerators
  • Research Applications
  • X-Ray Facilities

Duct Shielding

Boreated Polyethlyene Radiation Shielding from RPP

Borated polyethylene is often used to shield duct penetrations in radiation therapy vaults. The picture to the right shows an example of the typical shielding required in this type of situation. Typically 1 or 2 inches of 5% borated polyethylene is required in addition to some sheet lead. This borated polyethylene and lead shielding will be used inside the room most often. In some cases the shielding will be required inside and outside the room. Borated polyethylene is easily cut into the sizes necessary to work for the duct shielding.

Our borated polyethylene can be used to shield all penetrations in the shielded rooms. If there are further penetrations beyond ducts, borated polyethylene can be used to handle those shielding requirements as well. Some examples of this would be Pipe penetrations, sprinkler penetrations and electrical penetrations.

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Radiation Protection Products carries borated polyethylene in the following sheet types:

  • Industrial Grade (purple, 5%* Boron by Weight)
  • Grade III (red, 2% * Boron by Weight)
  • Grade II (yellow, 1 %* Boron by Weight)
  • Virgin Polyethylene (natural color)

* Nominal values. Custom and proprietary color

Different types of radiation make up most radioactive fields. Borated polyethylene is designed to mitigate the following types of radiation:

  • Fast Neutrons
  • Thermal Neutrons
  • Primary Gamma Rays
  • Secondary Gamma Rays

Radiation Protection Products' Highlighted Project:

Radiation Protection Products used 4'' of borated polyethylene and 4.5'' of lead to convert an existing space at Georgia Institute of Technology into a shielded netutron generator room.

Square footage was at a premium, and there were additional logistic challenges of working with existing HVAC, sprinkler, and electrical systems. Radiation Protection Products worked in cooperation with contractors and subcontractors to deal with these challenges and make the project a success.

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