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Lead Shielding for Industrial X-Ray & NDT Imaging

Industrial x-ray and non-destructive (NDT) imaging are important processes, allowing materials, products, and equipment to be inspected for hidden flaws that could not be seen otherwise. One of the most common uses of x-ray/NDT testing is weld quality assurance—verifying the quality, location, and coverage of welds inside closed vessels or similar equipment.

As with medical x-ray imaging, industrial x-ray and NDT systems require proper shielding to keep personnel safe. Radiation Protection Products (RPP) offers a wide range of lead shielding products for industrial x-ray and NDT applications.

Radiation Protection Products Provides Quality Lead Shielding Products

Lead lined drywall, lead lined plywood, and lead bricks for the construction of imaging facility walls, floors, and ceilings. Lead bricks feature interlocking tongue-and-groove designs for gapless x-ray shielding.

Lead lined window frames and leaded x-ray glass for viewing windows. Window frames can be manufactured to accommodate any thickness of leaded x-ray glass.

Lead lined doors and lead lined door frames for personnel installation and removal of items to be tested and personnel access. Standard doors are laminated wood cores with a single layer of sheet lead in the center. Door frames are 16-gauge steel with 2” faces and 5-7/8” jamb depth.

We also provide complete turnkey solutions and installation services for x-ray, nuclear, and radiation shielding projects.

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