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Radiation Shielding for Industrial Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is a vital inspection method used by medical, military, and other industries to verify the integrity of devices, machinery and critical equipment. The radiography equipment used in non-destructive testing emits high doses of radiation, posing occupational risks and the potential for environmental contamination.

Radiation shielding products for NDT rooms create an effective barrier against radiation and minimize exposure risk significantly. Quality and proper installation are critical to providing the appropriate level of shielding required for the industrial radiography used in your non-destructive testing application.

Build Your NDT Rooms with High-Quality Lead Shielding Products

Radiation Protection Products manufactures and installs a wide range of lead shielding products for industrial x-ray and NDT room applications. High-quality materials and excellent quality control processes ensure consistency and reliability in our radiation shielding products.

One of our featured radiation shielding projects is the Graham Corporation in Batavia, NY. This project involved manufacturing two massive bi-parting doors for an industrial X-ray hangar. Each 9.25’ x 20’ door weighed 10,000 lbs. and contained ½” thick lead lining. We installed the doors using a heated top rail to ensure proper door function in extreme weather conditions.

  • Radiation Shielded Walls: We offer lead lined drywalllead lined plywood, and lead bricks for constructing imaging facility walls, floors, and ceilings. Lead bricks feature interlocking tongue-and-groove designs for gapless x-ray shielding. The sheet lead used in our lead-lined drywall and plywood meets or exceeds Federal Specification QQL-201 F Grade C and ASTM B749-03 Standards. Gypsum board meets or exceeds ASTM C1396, ASTM C840, and Federal Specification SS-L-30D Grade X Type III.
  • Radiation Shielded Doors: Use our lead lined doors and lead lined door frames for personnel installation and removal of items to be tested and personnel access. Standard doors feature laminated wood cores with a single layer of sheet lead in the center. Door frames are 16-gauge steel with 2” faces and 5-7/8” jamb depth. All our wood doors meet or exceed ANSI/NWMA Industry Standards I.S.I.-80 and I.S.I.4-80.
  • Radiation Shielded Windows: Provide high-level shielding and visibility with our lead lined window frames and leaded x-ray glass for viewing windows. Window frames can be manufactured to accommodate any thickness of leaded x-ray glass. Our leaded glass meets or exceeds Federal Specification DD-G-451.


We also provide complete turnkey solutions and installation services for x-ray, nuclear, and radiation shielding projects.

Submit a quote request with your specifications or contact us to discuss radiation shielding options for non-destructive testing applications. Our competitive pricing and fast quote turnaround help keep your project on schedule and within your budget.