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Lead Lined Door Frames for Radiation Shielding



Lead Lined Wood Door Frame

RPP provides door frames that protect against radiation for standard and custom construction projects.

Standard Lead Lined Door Frame

Radiation Protection Products' Standard Lead Lined Door Frames consist of 16-gauge steel, a 2" face, and a 5-7/8" jamb depth. These lead lined door frames are set up and welded and can accommodate up to 1/2" thick lead lining. Our Lead Lined Door Frames are shipped with steel stud anchors that can be attached to the lead lined door frame either by welding or with steel fasteners if the lead lining does not exceed 3/32" thick.

Lead Lined Door Frames

We require the use of an Angle Iron for added support on Lead Lined Door Frames that require 1/8" thick lead or higher. These Angle Irons can be spot welded to the steel stud or pre-drilled and bolted to the steel stud.

*We do offer angle irons on our lead lined door frames that are below 1/8" thick lead if requested.

Custom Lead Lined Door Frames for Radiation Protection

We can supply knock down, slip and other lead lined frames upon request. Our Lead Lined Frames can also be equipped with the type of anchors necessary for any given situation (wood stud anchors, masonry strap anchors, etc.). Although our standard Lead Lined Door Frames consist of 16-gauge steel, we offer frames at 14-gauge and 12-gauge as well.

 Lead Lined Door FramesLead Lined Door Frames Lead Lined Door Frames

We have examples and photos of recent projects featuring door frames. For complete radiation protection, contact Radiation Protection Products or request a quote.