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Radiation Shielding Information

Radiation Protection Products is the premier manufacturer of radiation shielding materials, including doors, drywall, plywood, and more. We are also your go-to source for radiation protection guidelines, information, and resources. To learn more about radiation shielding and how we can support your operations, peruse our vast informational library, and contact us today with any additional questions.

Radiation Shielding Considerations for Architects

Designing a space with functional and high-performance radiation protection can be difficult. We've created these radiation shielding guidelines and resources for architects to assist you as you document your radiation products in your drawings. From tips for simplifying and clarifying your requirements to installation and beyond, RPP has you covered. Our lead shielding materials are made of the purest lead on the market, and our expertise and vast radiation protection knowledge are at your disposal.

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Frequently Asked Radiation Protection Questions

Do you have questions about our products or services? No problem. RPP provides answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding radiation protection, including:

  • How does RPP ship radiation protection products?
  • What is the thickest lead that can be applied to drywall?
  • How does RPP’s lead angle system work?
  • How do I install lead plugs?
  • And many others!

Radiation Shielding Glossary

Learning the proper vocabulary and understanding terms associated with radiation protection is an important part of ensuring you have achieved the right shielding in your facility. To assist you as you navigate your options to find your best solution, our radiation protection experts have compiled this Glossary to explain commonly used terms and phrases.

Learn More About Lead Shielding on Our Radiation Protection Blog

As your full-service partner for all things radiation shielding, Radiation Protection Products is dedicated to providing insights and information surrounding lead shielding and radiation protection products. Explore our blog to find discussions about industrial uses for radiation protection, guides on choosing the best products for your facility, and much more.

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