Well-Seasoned on All Forms Of Radiation Shielding

Considerations for Architects

Example of drawing to specify shielding building materials for an x-ray room.

When radiation protection is required, it is extremely important to have the designation for this material documented as clearly as possible on your drawings.

Floor plans specifying lead shielding requirements are the most concise method of designating material desired (see example on the right).

To further simplify and clarify your radiation shielding requirements, and to eliminate confusion during installation, lead requirements should be specified in increments of .5mm (1/64") for all practical purposes, with a minimum thickness of .8mm (1/32). Upon receiving the physicist report for shielding requirements, always round up to the .5mm thickness.

Consideration should also be given to having only one manufacturer of radiation protection material! Radiation Protection Products, Inc., as a manufacturer, has the capabilities to manufacture any and all radiation protection products which may be required. This way there is a single firm responsible for any questions that may arise concerning radiation protection.

With materials specified as manufactured by Radiation Protection Products Inc., you are assured of the best possible job coordination and that you are dealing with a major producer of radiation shielding material.

Radiation Protection Products, Inc. can offer you radiation shielding, industrial lead products, and X-ray barriers. Some of the products they sell are lead lined drywall, leaded glasslead shielding and nuclear shielding. Contact Radiation Protection Products today or fill out a request for quote form.