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Nuclear Shielding Products for Power Generation

Nuclear Shielding in the Nuclear Power Industry
Lead Bricks Used in Nuclear Shielding Applications

Nuclear radiation shielding materials are widely used in the construction of nuclear power generation plants and nuclear submarines. Comprehensive shielding is essential in containing harmful radiation and protecting workers from exposure. 

There are several considerations in choosing the right nuclear shielding and protection products, including time, distance, and shielding. Radiation exposure in nuclear power plants can be managed effectively by one or more of these standards:

  • Reducing the time of radiation exposure
  • Increasing distance from radiation exposure
  • Utilizing nuclear shielding to greatly decrease or prevent radiation doses

Lead offers the utmost radiation protection for nuclear power shielding applications. However, we recommend working with a physicist specializing in the nuclear shielding industry to ensure accuracy and compliance in your shielding calculations.


Industry Standard Nuclear Radiation Shielding Products

Radiation Protection Products manufactures a full line of nuclear shielding and industrial lead shielding products. We only use pure lead and have strict quality control practices in place to ensure your nuclear radiation shielding products meet industry standards.

Nuclear shielding lead products are cost-effective and provide the most space savings without sacrificing shielding effectiveness. Most of our nuclear power shielding and protection products come in standard and custom sizes.

  • Lead Castles: One effective use of nuclear shielding is lead castles. These interlocking lead brick structures are used to enclose radioactive sources or shield people from radiation. Our lead bricks meet or exceed federal specification QQL-171 Grade C.
  • Lead Sheeting: We offer sheet lead in thicknesses up to 1” for application to drywall, plywood, and other construction materials. This flexible material also works well for sealing penetrations in lead-lined walls. Pre-assembled lead-lined
  • Observation Windows: Our leaded windows come in custom sizes up to 108” x 54” and offer high-level shielding without sacrificing visibility. Lead-lined window frames are also available in the thickness you require.
  • Borated Polyethylene: We offer high-density borated polyethylene plastic in several grades, containing up to 5% boron by weight. This material remains durable over a wide temperature rangeand is available in blocks, slabs, and sheets.

We provide complete turnkey nuclear shielding solutions, including design, consultation, and installation services to support your project from start to finish.  

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