Well-Seasoned on All Forms Of Radiation Shielding

Industrial Lead Products for Radiation Protection

Radiation Protection Products manufactures industrial lead products for radiation shielding construction projects. We can assist you with design, estimates and installation, as well as complete turnkey solutions for all your radiation protection needs.

Lead Ballasts

Lead is a cost-effective, efficient material for any ballast or counterweight applications you may have. Radiation Protection Products offers a variety of lead ballast products. We have standard lead bricks available, as well as custom lead ballast shapes to suit your specifications.

Lead Bricks for Nuclear Lead Shielding

Lead bricks are useful for nuclear lead shielding, PET shielding, gamma knife rooms, and more. We offer standard lead bricks in all sizes, and tongue-and-groove interlocking lead bricks in a range of sizes to meet your needs. Our lead bricks meet or exceed federal specifications QQL-201-F Grade C (standard) and QQL-171 Grade C (interlocking).

Lead Castings & Fabrications

We can fabricate all manner of custom lead castings to meet the requirements of nearly any application. As with all our industrial lead products, our custom lead castings and fabrications are made from only the purest lead available. Our lead castings are available in assorted alloys and antimonies. Hard lead casting is also available.

Lead Weights

Lead weights from can be used for numerous applications. Custom solutions are available to meet your lead ballast and lead weight needs.

Lead Storage Containers

A large array of specialty lead containers and storage solutions are available.

Lead Tanks

Radiation Protection Products has the capabilities to homogenously line tanks and other vessels with lead. Lining thickness can be adjusted to meet your specifications.

Lead Shielding Plate

Lead plate is a highly effective construction material for shielding against gamma and x-rays, and is also an effective sound barrier. Lead shielding plates are used in a range of applications, from medical to nuclear and more. We offer lead plates in any custom size to match your specifications.

Lead Pigs

Also known as lead ingots, lead pigs are used in the construction of radiation and nuclear shielding structures, as well as for counterweights. Radiation Protection Products offers lead pigs in any size and specification to meet the needs of your project. Like all our industrial lead products, our lead ingots are manufactured from the highest quality lead.

Sheet Lead Shielding

Because it is easily bent, shaped, cut, and formed, lead sheet is suitable for a wide range of uses, from lead shielding applications to waterproofing to sound dampening and more. We offer sheet lead in thicknesses from 1/32” to 1” to suit your specifications.

Lead Machining

Radiation Protection Products now has full milling, lathing, and CNC capabilities for machining lead. We can now provide lead shielding products that more accurately match your unique specifications.