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Lead Pigs for Industrial Radiation Shielding

Lead pigs, also called lead ingots, are cast parts of lead used for multiple applications. They are often used in the construction of radiation and nuclear shielding structures, applied as counterweights, or melted to recast additional lead parts. They are used to create a wide variety of critical radiation shielding products, such as:

Quality from RPP

Radiation Protection Products is the market’s leading manufacturer of pig lead and other radiation protection solutions. We work with facilities and operations across industries, and our expert team is ready to tackle the rigors of your planned project. Contact us today for more information.

Lead Pigs to Match Your Specifications

Various sizes and shapes of lead pigs are available to meet your specifications. As RPP specializes in engineering and manufacturing custom radiation shielding solutions, we work with you to establish the parameters of your project and ensure all necessary industry guidelines are met during production, installation, and operation.

For more information about our lead pig capabilities and how we can support your application, view our lead product CAD details and peruse our free online documentation library. To discuss details specific to your order, including timeline estimates, budget, and quality requirements, request a quote or call 1-888-746-4777 today.

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The Purest Pig Lead on the Market

Radiation Protection Products uses only the purest lead available for our lead pigs. Absolutely no refining takes place at our facility, making us one of the cleanest, most environmentally friendly radiation shielding providers in the industry. This allows us to provide the best lead pigs in the market. Our 99.97% pure lead offers:

  • Smaller space requirements compared to other radiation-shielding materials
  • Cost-effective price points make the most of your resources
  • Soft, malleable, and corrosion resistant for long-lasting structures
  • Ability to be remelted indefinitely without losing quality
  • 100% recyclability
  • And much more!

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Since 1952, RPP has been the go-to source for comprehensive radiation protection products. We consistently strive to provide the best materials, components, customer service, and engineering abilities. Our lead pigs are designed to provide complete radiation protection for your industrial facility. Contact RPP or request a quote to get all the products you need for radiation shielding.