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Lead Lined Drywall

Lead-lined drywall, or lead-lined sheetrock, consists of gypsum board laminated with sheet lead to provide shielding from high-level gamma-ray and X-ray radiation. Lead-lined sheetrock is integral in medical, scientific, and industrial applications that use high dose radiation for diagnostic imaging and procedures. Commercial builders also use lead-lined drywall for applications requiring abuse resistance, impact resistance, and mold or moisture resistance.

Advantages of installing gypsum board with lead lining include:

  • Provides effective floor-to-ceiling radiation protection
  • Offers design flexibility for use in walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Eliminates the risk of radiation leakage when properly installed
  • Available in varying thicknesses to meet a wide range of shielding requirements

Achieve High-Level Radiation Shielding with Lead-Lined Sheetrock

Lead-lined drywall is a permanent radiation shielding solution that offers more effective protection than semi-permanent or mobile partitions. Having the right protection is especially important for treatment rooms and other applications where employees are at risk of prolonged radiation exposure.

Use lead-lined sheetrock for:

Lead-Lined Drywall Manufactured to Meet Your Shielding Requirements

Radiation Protection Products offer a wide variety of lead-lined drywall sizes to meet your shielding application requirements. We offer quick pricing on standard requests and can do a take-off of your blueprints to provide a detailed project quote.

All our lead-lined gypsum board consists of a single unpierced sheet of lead laminated to the specified thickness of the drywall. The lead sheeting is bonded to the gypsum board with a continuous layer of mastic adhesive. Our commitment to quality includes:

  • Using only Fire Code Sheetrock in our lead-lined drywall products
  • Casting and rolling lead lining in-house using only the purest lead available
  • Applying industrial-grade adhesive to keep lead sheeting securely adhered

Lead lined gypsum board comes in 1/2" or 5/8" drywall thicknesses, with custom sizes available. Select from lead lining in thicknesses up to 1/8” with optional double layering for high radiation applications. We provide 2" lead strips of the same thickness and height of your lead sheeting for sealing vertical joints for installation.

You can see other FAQ View our Featured Projects or read our case study on how we supplied lead-lined sheetrock for a large-scale medical/dental clinic renovation: Andersen AFB Medical Clinic Project.

Solutions for Specialty Radiation Shielding Applications

For specialty radiation shielding applications, we offer lead lining bonded to moisture and mold resistant gypsum board. Our lead can also be laminated to most of your drywall requirements, including, but not limited to:

  • Impact-resistant wallboard
  • Fire-rated wallboard
  • And virtually all USG, National Gypsum, Temple Inland and Georgia Pacific products

Industry Specifications for Lead Lined Sheetrock and Lead Sheeting

Radiation Protection Products provides sheet lead and gypsum board that meets or exceeds various industry specifications to ensure top quality radiation shielding products.

The sheet lead used in our lead-lined gypsum board meets or exceeds the following:

  • Federal Specification QQL-201 F Grade C for Lead Sheet
  • ASTM B749-03 Standard Specification for Lead and Lead Alloy Strip, Sheet and Plate Products
  • NCRP reports #33, #35, #49 and #147 for Radiation Protection

All gypsum board used in our lead lining products meets or exceeds the following specifications:

  • ASTM C1396 Standard Specification for Gypsum Board
  • ASTM C840 Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board
  • Federal Specification SS-L-30D Grade X Type III or Gypsum Board

FAQs for Radiation Shielding with Lead Lined Sheetrock

We’ve answered a few of the most common radiation shielding questions below. You can also see more FAQ's here. Please read our Lead Shielding Considerations for additional tips or give us a call to discuss your project.  

How do I determine how much shielding I need?

Our guide on Radiation Shielding Requirements can get you started, but we recommend working with a licensed radiation health physicist to determine your required lead thickness.

What are the sizes and specifications for lead-lined drywall?

Our CAD Drawings & Submittals provide a full listing of lead-lined drywall sizes, information, and specifications.

Do I need to worry about covering penetrations?

3/8” lead discs are no longer required to cover fastener penetrations; however, you still need to properly shield light switches, air ducts, and other receptacles. Learn more about cut-out and penetration shielding requirements.

Lead Lined Drywall Installation Requirements

To fully support the lead’s weight, we recommend using 5/8” gypsum board for your lead wall installation. If your radiation shielding application requires lead sheeting exceeding 1/8” you will likely require lead-lined plywood to properly support the weight of your lead wall.

Proper installation of lead-lined drywall is critical to prevent radiation leakage. All lead-lined gypsum board should be installed with the joints running vertically from floor to ceiling to meet industry standards. 

  • Fasten your lead-lined drywall at a minimum of 8" on center at the edges of each sheet, and at a minimum of 12" on center at the intermediate studs with standard drywall screws.
  • Apply 2" wide strips of sheet lead of the same lead thickness to each of the joint studs using a standard type of construction adhesive. These strips of sheet lead will provide the necessary 1" overlap with the adjoining sheets.

Methods and Specifications for Installing Lead Walls

Refer to the drawings below for the typical methods of installing and fastening lead lined gypsum board.

Gypsum Board1

Contact Us to Discuss Lead Lined Sheetrock and Radiation Shielding Solutions

Radiation Protection Products works with architects, drywall supply houses, and contractors to handle shielding projects of all sizes. Our dedication to customer service includes fast quote turnaround and nationwide shipping, including Alaska and Hawaii.

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