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CAD Drawings & Leading Shielding Details

Radiation Protection Products (RPP) is a leading manufacturer of industrial lead radiation shielding supplies. To give you a closer and more detailed look at our radiation shielding products, we offer a variety of PDF and DWG downloads of CAD detail drawings. We have the specifications you need to complete your application, from lead-lined drywall to glass partitions to specs for our door frames for radiation shielding.

All PDF and DWG files are free to download. Follow the links below for radiation protection AutoCAD details for some of our most popular products. Before purchasing any lead or radiation shielding supplies, always consult with a licensed physicist to determine the level of necessary protection for adequate coverage in your environment. Contact us with any questions.

Lead-Lined Drywall, Lead Angles & Joint DWGs & PDFs

Lead-lined drywall, brick walls, glass partitions, and other construction components are used to protect people against the harmful effects of prolonged or repeated exposure to radiation. From laboratories to x-ray facilities, medical diagnostics to nuclear energy, these radiation protection products provide excellent radiation shielding. Make sure you have chosen the best components for your planned use by perusing our available CAD detail drawings.

Lead Lined Drywall, Lead Angles & Joint Details
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Corner Intersection PDF DWG
Outside Corner PDF DWG
Joint Detail PDF DWG
Inside Corner PDF DWG
Wall Detail (Plan View) PDF DWG
Lead Angle System PDF DWG
Partition PDF  

CAD Detail Drawings for Lead-Lined Hollow Metal Door Frames & Window Frames

Lead-lined hollow metal door frames and lead-lined hollow metal view window frames provide effective radiation shielding for applications requiring durability, high wear resistance, and superior performance. Explore our options by downloading free hollow metal window or door frame DWGs or PDFs.

Lead Lined Hollow Metal Door Frames
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Lead Lined Jamb Detail PDF DWG
Lead Lined Jamb Detail with Angle PDF  
Lead Lined Hollow Metal View Window Frames
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Steel Telescopic Frame Detail PDF DWG

Interlocking Lead Brick Detail Lead Shielding Details

Interlocking lead bricks feature a tongue and groove design, allowing them to be fitted into various forms to create a radiation barrier that meets your exact specifications. To avoid future logistic, financial, and safety issues, these bricks should be arranged in a way that does not allow radiation to penetrate your wall. Find further specifications in our lead brick DWGs and PDFs.

Interlocking Lead Brick Detail
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Interlocking Lead Bricks


Lead Brick Installation


Lead Shielding Details & CAD Drawings from Radiation Experts

Your safety and satisfaction are RPP’s top priorities. We create our radiation shielding products from the market’s purest lead, making us one of the industry's cleanest and most environmentally friendly lead manufacturers. In addition to high-performance and effective products, we offer a comprehensive library of radiation knowledge and resources, covering an extensive range of topics:

Contact us today if you don’t see the CAD drawing you need, have questions, or would like to learn more about RPP’s services. Request a quote to receive specific pricing information. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be in contact as soon as possible.