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Lead Lined Drywall

Lead lined sheetrock
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lead lined drywall

Radiation Shielding

Radiation Protection Products uses only Fire Code Sheetrock in use with our lead lined drywall products.


   Lead Backed Gypsum Board type: RPP - LBG

Lead Lined Drywall (also referred to as lead lined sheetrock or lead lined gypsum) is supplied with lead lining bonded to 1/2" or 5/8" drywall. Custom sizes for lead lined drywall are quoted upon request. We also provide lead lining bonded to specialty drywall such as moisture and mold resistant board. Lead Lined Drywall (lead lined sheetrock, lead lined gypsum wallboard) is supplied with 2" strips of the same lead thickness and height and 3/8" diameter lead discs.


Lead Lined Drywall (lead lined sheetrock, lead lined gypsum wallboard) consists of a single unpierced sheet of lead laminated to the specified thickness of drywall. The bonding is accomplished with a continuous layer of mastic adhesive. We recommend using 5/8” drywall to support the extra weight of the lead.

The Lead Lined Drywall (lead lined sheetrock, lead lined gypsum wallboard) should be fastened at a minimum of 8" on center at the edges of each sheet, and at a minimum of 12" on center at the intermediate studs with normal drywall screws. 2" wide strips of sheet lead of the same lead thickness should be applied to each of the joint studs using a standard type of construction adhesive, prior to installing the Lead Lined Drywall (lead lined sheetrock, lead lined gypsum wallboard). These strips of sheet lead will provide the necessary 1" overlap with the adjoining sheets. Each fastener will be covered with a lead disc 3/8” in diameter and equal in thickness to the lead laminated to the sheetrock to eliminate the possibility of radiation leakage at the point of fastening. They should be applied using a fast drying construction adhesive.  FOR LEAD THICKNESSES THAT EXCEED 1/8” PLEASE REFER TO OUR LEAD LINED PLYWOOD PAGE.

Refer to the drawings here for the typical methods of installing and fastening lead lined drywall. (lead lined sheetrock, lead lined gypsum wallboard)

Click here for details on cut-outs and penetrations.

Lead lined drywall typical installation Lead Lined Drywall

Our lead can be laminated to most of your drywall requirements. Including, but not limited to the following:

  • Mold resistant wallboard
  • Impact resistant wallboard
  • Fire rated wallboard
  • And virtually all USG, National Gypsum, Temple Inland and Georgia Pacific products

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