Well-Seasoned on All Forms Of Radiation Shielding

Lead Lined Doors & Frames

Radiation Protection Products manufactures several styles of lead lined doors and door frames, including custom radiation doors. We can assist you with design, estimates and installation, as well as complete turnkey solutions for all your radiation protection needs.

Lead Lined Wood Doors

Our lead lined doors are constructed with a single layer of sheet lead sandwiched between top quality particle board, hardwood frames, and laminate or wood veneer outer shells. Single and double doors are available. We can manufacture our wood radiation doors to match your specifications, and can include lead glass windows and other options.

Lead Lined Door Frames

Radiation Protection Products’ lead lined door frames are made of 16-gauge steel and can accommodate up to 1/2" thick lead lining. They come fully welded and ready for installation, and include steel stud anchors for increased support. Custom lead lined door frames are also available upon request.

Custom Lead Lined Doors

Our lead lined doors can be customized in a number of ways to meet your needs. Height and width, finish, lead thickness, window location (if necessary), and more can be customized to create radiation doors that match your unique requirements.

Ordering Information

This section includes our order form for all lead lined doors and frames. Please be sure to include all information requested on this form when ordering your radiation door(s).