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Lead Angles

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Illustrations of One Piece Leak-proof System used with lead lined gypsum board.

Leak Proof System

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Save $ on Labor ... "Easy Installation"

Construction of radiation shielding rooms and barriers poses unique challenges. Every time a screw or nail is used, there is an increased risk of radiation leakage into the protected area. Previous solutions included the use of additional lead strips and discs, making the project more costly and time consuming.

RPP designed a cost effective, leak-proof, lead angle system that provides complete radiation shielding. It eliminates the need to use LEAD STRIPS and DISCS for all lead lined drywall (lead lined sheetrock, lead lined gypsum wallboard) and lead lined plywood applications.

No more lead strips and discs needed for shielding construction.

Our Leak-Proof lead angles are available in all lead requirements and all heights.

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lead angles

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