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Neutron Shielding

Neutron radiation is often used in medical (neutron radiography and radiation therapy), aerospace, nuclear, and explosives industries. Facilities using neutron radiation need to properly shield all room components including doors, duct work, walls, floors, and ceilings to eliminate health hazards.

Radiation Protection Products provides the following Neutron Shielding Materials:


neutron shielding door

Polyethylene plastic with 5% boron content by weight, this material provides exceptional durability over a wide temperature range.
Swinging and sliding doors made to your specifications with safety operators. Doors for maze or direct shield design are available.

Case Studies for Neutron Shielding Projects:

Georgia Tech - Oversize Neutron Shielding Doors

Radiation Protection Products, Inc. (RPP) worked on a project for the Georgia Institute of Technology that involved the installation of two massive shielded doors, the construction of an electron beam/CLINAC room, and the retrofitting of an existing space to create a shielded neutron generator room. Read full case study...

Varian Medical Systems - Massive Neutron Doors and Shielding Walls

Varian Medical Systems, one of world's the premier manufacturers of radiation therapy equipment, recently built three new test cells at their Palo Alto, California, facility. Radiation Protection Products (RPP) was contacted by the project's general contractor, JR Griffin Construction, to develop and supply the radiation shielding the test cells required.  Read full case study...



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