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Sliding Neutron Doors

radiation shielding door

Radiation Shielding


Sliding Door System:

RPP’s sliding radiation shielding doors (neutron doors) are constructed with ¼" thick A-36 steel face plates. A-36 steel flat bars are used for the stiles and the reinforcement inside the door (See details.). Flat bar thicknesses for the stiles and reinforcement are dictated by the core of the door. The core of the door will consist of the shielding requirements (typically lead and borated polyethylene) as determined by a licensed physicist. We can also design the door with extra space inside for future upgrades which may require more shielding. The radiation shielding door (neutron door) finish is completed in the factory with a paint grade primer. RPP offers safety features for the door such as motion sensors, pressure sensitive tape, and battery backup.

I-Beams are used in conjunction with trolleys that suspend the door. For new construction, concrete embedments are used for support. For retro-fits, steel beams and steel columns are used.


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